How do i make this symbol on my computer?

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Uhmmm I don't know how to make it, but you can copy and paste this one lol.

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thanks alot.

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lol, me toooooo !!

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in microsoft word click insert, and then select symbols ....there u could find dozens on symbols in whinc one of it what u asked

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If you have a numeric keypad on you keyboard then hold down alt and type in 0167. If you don't, then turn on number lock and use the numbers that that turns on and enter the same thing.

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On your keyboard, press and hold the "Alt" key and press 2 then 1, which gives you the § symbol. (Only works on a full keyboard with the number pad to the right of the lettering, usually where the "NUM LOCK" key is.)
Hope this helps :)

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