Swim is a sport

Swimming is a sport It is actually pretty hard cus not only Do you have to control your breathing But you also have to use everything in your Body to move But also have the right posture

People think its easy And its not a sport And they could be like micheal phelps But it makes me mad cus I know Swim is Hard I want to show them that its hard Cus if they do it they would see how hard It is and they would realize that its a hard Sport

What is your opinion?

Answer #1

I edited this because there was nothing being asked, if you want me to change the question to something else let me know and I will.

Answer #2

Is this a question?

Answer #3

what kind of question is that? where are the moderators?

Answer #4

Swimming is defintely a sport! Even Ballet is a sport.

Yuh shouldn’t listen to the pplz that say swimming is easy! [because its not swimming is hard for me…in fact I don’t even know how to swim:(] They are just being dummyheads>=(

Yuh should like ‘’fake drown’’ in front of them and show em it hard! lolzx j/k=|

Answer #5

We’re right here nevets815, and the question is not in violation of the ToU.

Answer #6

yeah I agree, its harder than people think cause sometimes when you have to swim fast you have to move through the water [if that makes sense] and to be like michael phelps you have to move very fast which isnt easy without loads of lessons. x

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