What would you do if you saw someone slip something into someone else's drink when they weren't looking?

Answer #1

I wouldn’t want to alert anybody so I would maybe like walk by and do a fake trip where I slam the drink and it’s contents spill everywhere. Case closed! Ha Ha! What do you think? Good idea or bad?

Answer #2

I would tell the person whose drink it was, confront the person who was trying to dr.ug them, and contact the management of the establishment so they can contact the authorities. Date ra.pe is not a joke and i couldnt just sit back and not do anything about it.

Answer #3

I agree with you but things could get complicated that way. What if somebody thinks you did it and you are just trying to look like the hero. Or something. I would not confront the person because they obviously aren’t messing around. I would get some kind of authority to test and arrest the culprit and tell the person so he/she don’t drink it.

Answer #4

I would let the person know that I saw someone drop something in their drink. I would also quietly let the management know, and then let them deal with the rest. Confronting the drugger seems like a potentially dangerous move, though, so I wouldn’t do that. If they’re willing to drug someone, what else are they capable of or willing to do? So I’d notify the two people and then be done with it.

Answer #5

It is worth the risk of “trying to look like the hero” when you are talking about someone’s life. I mean if you would do it for your sister you should do it for someone Else’s sister. Right?

Answer #6

hm… sometimes I put hotsauce in peoples straws when they step away… but if the people were suspicious I’d probly do something

Answer #7

think smart……..and do something about it…..

Answer #8

i think thats one way to get your teeth knocked out.

Answer #9

i would definatly tell that person cuz whatever that other person put in there drink could be deadly like kill them so heck yeah i would

Answer #10

i would tell the person

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