Sudden vaginal bleeding

I am 23 years old girl ,have got involved in intercourse with my partner (in unprotected sex) and had an I-pill contraceptive tablet to restrict any kind of unwanted pregnancy, the week of consumption of the tablet I diodnt faced any problem , but ext week a sudden vaginal bleeding has occured ,and I have consumed the contreaceptive within 24 hours of sex, I am afraid and scared about the sudden bleeding ,will it affect my reproductive capacity in future? Will it create any problem for getting pregnant when I want to be in future? Please reply back as I am really worried.

Answer #1

The I-pill is most effective in avoiding unwanted pregnancies (95% effective when taken in 24 hours) but since it is a big dose of hormones (progesterone) it can have side effects like vomiting, nausea and… provoking menses. Hormonal balance is delicate and even stress can through it off track so don’t be to worried about the slight vaginal bleeding. If the vaginal bleeding continues (more then 7 days) or worsens (becomes more then usual) then go see your doctor. Otherwise, you should be just fine! It should not effect your reproductive capacity in the future but it is not recommended to take this pill often. Also, if you had unprotected sex you will be wanting to get a PAP test and HIV test to test for STDS.

Answer #2

is it your first time , then it is always like this the first time

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