Sucking of penis & swallowing the liquid

pl advice me any affect will be there in swallowing the pennis liquid

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never had a problem from swallowing cum. but dont let it get in your eyes! it stings pretty bad and itll itch for awhile after

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If the person is infected with an STD you can catch it from swallowing his cum.

If he is clean then no there are no bad affects from semen. The average amount of ejaculate is half a teaspoon. It often smells like chlorine and due to the guy's diet it can vary in taste

A tablespoon of semen contains approximately six calories. Semen does contain protein, but it also contains all kinds of chemicals and minerals, including water, sugar, calcium, chlorine, magnesium, nitrogen, vitamin B12, and zinc. But it does not contain enough of any of these things to be considered "nutritious."

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yes my boy friend's pennis has a fishy smell should i be concern??? or is it bcuz he just swaets alot???

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well, just like a girl they have that problem to dont be to scared|nervous to ask him but carry on dont be distracted.

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