My boyfriend wants me to "feel" his penis

my boyfriend wants me to "feel" his penis and I want to make it plessuarble for him, so it's basicaly a hj so how do I do that? and don't say I'm to young, because I'm not! please just tell me how to hj him.

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..nah.. I don't think your too young.. XD it kinda makes me hot.. XD it's simple.. you just grab his dick like a pole and go up and down.. :)

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how do you not know how. Well he probably wants more then a hj he wants a bj to go with the hj. Its kinda simple stroke his penis up and down or circle it. the add the sucking of the penis. while you suck his penis do the same ast he stroking up and down with your mouth and add he stroking with it. not hard

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DON'T do it if you aren't ready or comfortable.

Here's one with really good answers.

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