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success or happiness

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im not sure what to do, I recently recieved a job offer from the state making 10 grand more than I make right now. Its an awsome job, Good benefits, get to carry a gun, its a career choice. The job I have now is awsome too and im very happy with my life right now. I have no reason to grow up yet, no wife and kids to look after, I turn 21 in june so I still want to have fun for a couple more years. But if I decline the job I might not get another chance. If I take the job I get relocated and I'll wind up about 3 hours from my currant house, which isn't bad but I won't know anyone. I can picture getting done work everyday and going to whatever apartment I have and just be alone all week. that would suck really bad, and its hard to make new friends when your not in school. But at the same time it might work out really good, so my question is, do you go for success or happiness