What are some tips on looking nice for school?

I kinda need tips on how to look nice for school? My school has a uniform & it is hard to look nice in it but there is this guy I like and I need help on looking nice.Ok my uniform is a red jumper (but I don’t wear the jumper) and a black polo top.I wear black trousers and I have my hair in a ponytail to school.Also I wear a light green coat (you are not allowed hoodys in my school) and a pink bag so help me please & try & give me some tips for school.

Answer #1

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

One thing you already could use work on is matching. Green and pink = no no. Especially along with red. Though the bag….hm, I don’t know.

Can you wear buttons, pins, anything? Just add personal little totems that gives clues about your personality wherever you can. It will be fun, and perhaps it will help you learn more about yourself in the process.

Because really, you can’t force anyone to like you. Especially just by changing in some way that someone else told you to do. They have to like you for you, and not for just the outside. And honey, if a guy is actually only looking at your clothing and fashion sense, well… he’s either a. Gay b. Metrosexual, c. Not actually caring about the person inside or, superficial. Another option is that you’re both too young to even know what’s really important yet.

Anyways, You have to want to look good for you. If you really want him to “notice” you ,your best best is to attempt to communicate with him.

Answer #2

oh no… a red shirt, a green jacket, and pink bag are your first problems. i went to a catholic school for 4 years. you are suppose to wear what everyone else wheres but use accesories to flare it up. get a hot bag, shoes, or jewelry to make it hot but PLEASE make sure you match.

Answer #3

Match you clothes. Hello lime green, sky blue Red pink gold silver match accerorize and be yourself

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