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Is this a stupid idea for Valentine's Day? Maybe some guys can answer?

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This is the first time I actually have someone for Valentine's Day to spend it with. My bf lives long distance we're not going to be able to make it to see each other for Valentine's Day this year, so I decided to make him a gift but I'm not sure if the idea is stupid or not. He's really into band shirts and The nightmare before christmas. Where I live though, there's not really any stores close by that sells the kinda merch he's into and the only way I could really buy him something would be online and stuff is really expensive, I'm kinda low on money so I had an idea to make him a shirt. I have a plain black unisex shirt that's actually mine, it's kinda loose on me and it would fit him perfect. I was thinking of just getting fabric paint and putting Jack Skellington's face on it and giving it to him. I kind of like this idea better than something store bought because it's more personal and it's something that actually belongs to me that I'm giving him.

Is this stupid though? Would it be better to just scrap up some money and buy him a shirt or is this idea more sweet? I'm not sure if he'll think it's stupid or something.