Girls, would you sleep with a guy the day you met him?

if you meet a guy I day will you have sex wit him that day or the next day lol and also tell me if you have don that before

Answer #1

most likely not…I would have to at least of known him 4 at least a 1/2 a year or a year before I could actually have sex w/him but then again just like zorbot said…”everything is possible” PEACE

Answer #2

I personaly wouldnt and have not in fear that all he wanted was sex and then he would never talk to me agian.

I want to know the person on a personal leval before things get overly Physical.

Answer #3

well maybe depending on how well we clicked and if I really trusted him which isnt likely but who knows anything could happen im not going to say no because not like I would plan it it would just happen…

Answer #4

Haha I havn’t before but if it was like love at first sight and I trusted him then yeah why not.. I think it’s stupid to judge someone who has because people are different.. just because your not into that.. sooo many people are!

Answer #5

who would? wouldnt you only want to if you were in love with them or something? I would rather wait for marrage. although if your a slut, go for it… you have nothing to look forward too. but if you have any self control, go with this advice

Answer #6

I’m a guy and I haven’t, but you can learn a lot about a person in a night, and for those who say these people are sluts that is extremely prejudiced and it is completely up to them to make the decision

Answer #7

not really usually I like to sorta get to know the guy now unless they were dead sexy then probably yeah and yeah I’ve done that before

Answer #8

I would never have sex on the first day of meeting a guyi wud need 2 get 2 know him 1st and get sum trust before I even considerd sleepin wid him! x

Answer #9

hell no! girls who do that are sluts, in my opinion. if you want someone to sleep with you right when you meet them go to a fu**in strip club or something. lol

Answer #10

geez to all those people who said yes, they would sleep with a guy on the first date…GET SOME SELF CONTROL! I agree with the person who said wait til marriage sex shouldnt be like some quick f*ck its supposed to have meaning the way sex is portayed everywhere, especially in porn, makes people think its just some casual thing that you can do with anyone. sex has lost all meaning, hardly no-one finds it special anymore.

Answer #11

maybeif your a w hore but no thats gross because that girl is only looking for one thing

Answer #12

Hell to tha F Nawl I don’t know who he been F and what he might have!!~1~

Answer #13

hell no. and to the everything is possible bit, no its not, try slamming a revolving door.

Answer #14


Answer #15

depends on the guy if hes a cocky jerk, hell no if hes sweet and clean, then maybe

Answer #16

No I would neverrr. You don’t know anything abou them. They could have deseases. Just no. EW!

Answer #17

HELL TO the no, ill have to know the guy first and then maybe …

Answer #18

hell no I wouldn’t thats just plain stupid!

Answer #19

Hellz no because one dats nasty and two you need to get to know him first

Answer #20

I would wait a long time…unless hes really sexy!lol

Answer #21

hellzzz nooo I need to get to know the guy first for a while…

Answer #22

Dear wellbbis, Everything is possible.

Answer #23

yes because I already have lolz

Answer #24

No, that’s just weird.

Answer #25

maybe…if he was hot

Answer #26

no becuase I need to get to know him betta

Answer #27


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