Cheaper clothes at ross, marshalls or tj maxx?

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I love Ross. If you look through the clearence racks, you can find some really good stuff. We don't have a marshalls or TJ maxx so I'm not sure if they are cheaper. But I have found some really cheap stuff from ross. shirts for 2 oe 3 bucks. The last pair of jeans I bought were 9 bucks.

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Ross is the greatest! I love to shop there, they have good brand for cheap :D

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Ross is the awesomeness! Half of my outfits are from there.

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ross is a good store

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thats what makes them awesome..

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All three are 'after-market' stores, that sell name brand merchandise AFTER its been removed from the department stores.

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Ross sucks, Marshalls and TJ MAXX is so much better. It's has more brand names stuff and for cheap too. All the Ross that I have been too are just not well organized and clothes and things are everywhere.

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