How do I make studying more fun?

How do I make studying more fun? I hate to study

Answer #1

you know that thing for the planets my very excellent mother just made us nine pizzas? do that with other things in lists. make off the wall sayings to remember the first letters. or do it with a friend. or songs.

Answer #2

use crafty little study guides! ^_^ for me, I like to take the notes I took in class, and I’ll make this little flap thingy. and then decorate it with a picture relating to whatever that fact was. =] underneath the flap, I’ll write the fact. it’s a fun and efficient way to study! =]

also, if you make a song about it. xD like, you know that song fireflies? well, take biology as a subject. we’ll use cell respiration. let’s say that you want to memorize the fact that you get 2 pyruvic acids at the end of glycolysis. “and I get 1000 hugs, from 10000 lightning bugs…” “and the cell gets 2 pyruvic, acid from glycolysis”

random little creative things like that can make studying more fun. ^_^

Answer #3

I draw pictures when I study. For each topic I make a small little drawing. That makes it less boring. I also find that trying to understand the work instead of doing it parrot fashion lifts the boredom to an extent

Answer #4

My friend and I made up a song about cells and it helped us learn! It was fun, too. ;D

Answer #5

do it with a friend and come up with goofy memorization techniques

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