What do I do about boys making fun ?

There are a group of boys that make fun on me and 1 other boy. In science, there is this one boy how makes fun of me about my height and calls me bad names. He also tripped me in class one day and I got in trouble. In geography, there are 5 and sometimes more boys in a group that make fun of me. They mock me, kick my chair, throw stuff at me, hit me in the head, write on my uniform, swear at me and call me names like pussy, bitch, and more. 2 are grade 10s, 2 are football players and the other one is a drugy that was in my grade 8 class last year. I don’t know what to do :’(

Answer #1

Is there someone you can talk to? A teacher or counselor? Do you think the football coach would be sympathetic?

You have my sympathies and I hope it gets better soon.

I know this sounds like crap (and too little too late), but please know that when you get out of high school you can be in control of your own life and that sort of behavior is illegal and it stops. So even if you can’t do anything about it now, it will get better.

Good luck

Answer #2

I will try to talk to a teacher. I don’t know who the football coach is, and I would feel terrible if I was the reason they got in trouble or kicked off the team. If it doesn’t stop I am going to try to transfer to a different school. I really appreciate your comment. Thanks you :)

Answer #3

thank *

Answer #4

If your first attempt does not solve anything. Take note of any witnesses that see their behavior towards you and call an attorney. lol…seriously…

Answer #5

I’m gonna fucking kill those boys! so barbaric. lol

Answer #6

Ahaa !

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