Is it strange that my dog is under my bed whenever a storm comes through?

Answer #1

No…it’s quite common…dogs get scared, just like people…make sure you give him some extra comforts

Answer #2

No, it;s not srange. Animals are known to sense things such as storms and earthquakes and like us, they also get scared. However, it is important that no matter how scared he gets that you do not pay him any attention.— By comforting him when he is like that, you are, infact, reinforcing his negative behaviour and he is therefore more inclined to do this in the future. It might seem hard but this is true and it will help your dog in the long run-just ignore him.

Answer #3

No, its probally because he is scared, and he the storm is hurting his ears. Put a blaket under there for the next time he runs under there along with some toys.

Answer #4

lol, not a bad idea! =-)

Answer #5

No, storms are no fun for us, so they are not fun for dogs either, they get scared, best thing to do is to call him over next time so instead of him going under the bed he has his safe owner to go to.

Answer #6

I like that idea too..

Answer #7

Haha thanks. I’ve wanted a dog for years, so I’ve done loads of research. Any more questions feel free to ask :)

Answer #8

Pathological fear of thunderstorms. I can understand that, especially with bad ones. I get really scared myself sometimes.

Answer #9

Great! =-) Can you tell me why when a dog gets a new toy there main goal is to de-stuff it and remove the squeaker? lol, we have Sheep toy de-stuffing ALL over our house…. lol =-)

Answer #10

Mee too! lol but she mostly gets scared when it snows sideways.

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