my dog is peeing in my bed!

my dog is peeing in my bed! and I am tired of in he hasent been doing it untill recently he is 3 years old and I have had him for 2 years he is completely house broke but recently he has been peeing on my bed it seems like he only does it when my friends are over though so what can I do to stop him from doing it?

Answer #1

I have 6 dogs. a female boxer 7 years,a pit bull,male,6 years,2 american bulldogs,males 3 years,2 mix breed boxers,males,2 years. all are altered.. they have always been a “pack” and there is very clear leadership. recently one of the am. bulldogs and boxer mix have been peeing on my bed. they have all been to the vet and none of them had uti’s..its very important that you rule that cause is always whenever I have male friends over. If your dog suffers from seperation anxiety or is very attached to you or your daughter,they are simply insecure and trying to let you know that and your guests know that you and the bed,including your home,belong to him. you can try crating him when you have company, closing the bedroom door or keeping him on a leash next to you whenever there is company. it takes at least 6 weeks to make or break a behavior or habit…good luck

Answer #2

Take him to a vet, get him looked over and see if its some sort of medical problem. That sounds strange.. Perhaps don’t keep him in the bedroom.

Answer #3

It probably has something to do with “owning you.” We show dogs, and if the building is very crowded, and I am holding a male special-a ranked dog that my husband hasn’t taken in the ring yet, all of our male specials over the years have peed on my leg. Although it isn’t pleasant, I take it to be “I own this person, you better keep away” message to other dogs, so I don’t acknowledge it, despite having a squshy shoe. I bet your dog’s routine has been changed by company there and he is jealous. Just don’t let him on your bed when you have company. Is he crate trained? This is a good time for a crate. Susie

Answer #4

My have a UTI. or could be behaviour, Close your bedroom door or crate him when you have guest, you need to correct this. But only start this once you rule out there is no medical reason why he is doing this.

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