What stores do you visit to shop for clothes?

just curious to know where people shop. since i don’t shop at too many stores, i just wanted to know where other people shop.

Answer #1

Hot Topic

Answer #2

Ross, Kohl’s, Rainbow, ill shop mostly anywhere as long as i like what they have and the prices aren’t out of handle and are reasonable =]

Answer #3

I shop all over. Kohls, Burlington, Ross, Macys, Hot topic, Pac Sun, Wet seal, 579, Delias, Bebe, Target, Goodwill, Forever 21, Rue 21, JcPennys, etc. I dont stick to one store….thats boring. I can usually find atleast one thing i like anywhere i go.

Answer #4

i love to shop at walmart but not for clothes more like at maceys or hot topic or kmart

Answer #5

i like stitches, hot topic, west fortie nine and blue notes but i also like going to random stores downtown :))

Answer #6

depends on your style. i shop at hot topic, pacsun, journeys, forever 21, kohls, good will, content….

Answer #7

Aeropostale, American Eagle, Hollister, Abercrombie, JCPenny, Belk. Places like that(:

Answer #8

I hate clothes in stores… Just not me. So I shop for clothes and shoes online :P I can’t stand hot topic, AE, but sometimes on rare occassions I will go in spencer’s… They ammuse me lol

Answer #9

Well, it depends. It takes lot of time to find clothes because I only buy American. But, it gives me alot of variety because I have to shop around alot.

Answer #10

Pac Sun and Pink!!

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