What can I do to stop my velvet clothing from rolling up in the dryer?

Answer #1

Ever tried to put it in a laundry bag?

Answer #2

Or inside a pillow sheet maybe?

Answer #3

No actually I haven’t ever heard to do that before

Answer #4

It will definitely help with knitted things. I have a knitted cotton dress and I always put it in a laundry bag before drying. If I don’t then it gets totally out of shape. Maybe that will help with velvet, too?

Answer #5

I never put velvet in the washer/dryer…I have always dry cleaned anything with velvet precisely because of my fear for damaging it. Now that I have read some info online about caring for velvet fabrics I am glad I never tossed them in the laundry. Google how to care for velvet material/garments…well worth the read. :)

Answer #6

Velvet should always be washed by hand and gently rung out. For clothes, hang on a padded coat hanger and leave to dry naturally. Curtains you can hang on the line, if you have one, or over a door.

Once dry, brush gently with a babies hairbrush, going with the nap of the velvet.

No crinkles, creases or problems this way

Answer #7

usually i wash velvet cloth separately by hand. i tried it once but landed up in a disaster

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