How can I fix the blower on my clothes dryer?

The dryer drum revolves but no air is coming out. I have removed the hose and that seems to be fairly clean. The drum sometimes seems to be slower and has a scraping noise.

Answer #1

what I’d do, if I were trying to fix this myself…is start searching the internet for DYI repairs. You might even be able to go the manufacturers site and they’’ll have a section of how to fix their dryers. You probably have to replace the blower, so you can get part number there, also…

Hope you unplugged it…that’s 220 volts you’re messing with :)


Answer #2

I don’t know how to fix dryers personally. Do you think taking it in for someone to look at will be an option? Perhaps you can call around and see if anyone knows what it may be, then you can ask them how much it would cost to have it fixed up (if it’s worth fixing or something that needs fixing).

If you can’t afford getting it fixed or looked at, I’d say go with the cheaper route and hang your clothing up to dry. You can do this by using a clothes line or an indoor drying rack. It takes a little longer, but it’s worth doing it until you can afford having it fixed or replaced (if money is the issue).

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