How to help my hurt Mom?

My mom is really hurt, the whole inside of her stomach hurts, like her intestines and kidney. Does anyone know what we I can do to help?

Answer #1

Try to talk her into going to the doctor but if you can’t do that. The best thing to do is be there for her, help her out with the housework and let her know it really bothers you to see her hurting like she is. Good luck. I hope everything goes well with your mom.

Answer #2

Ok, well I would not be able to tell you exactly what she would be able to take besides pain medication, but I would suggest taking her to the doctor.. It could possibly be some infection. :]

Answer #3

Call the doctor!!!

Answer #4

There is a chance it could be a kidney infection. If so she will need to see a doctor for antibotics. Until she can see a doctor try drinking water and cranberry juice or cran-grapjuice. Try tyonal for the pain. A hot shower or soaaking in a hot bath can also help. Try eating some chicken noodle soup and crackers for strength and to calm her stomach. Also Pepto no-chew pills will sometimes help with intestinal pain and they don’t have the horrible pepto taste. I hope she feels better! Take Care

Answer #5

Could be many things, she must see her Dr for a proper diagnosis and treatment…Take care !!

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