Stomach muscles after pregnancy

I am quite small and seven years ago I gave birth to twins. I am 5ft 2” and weigh about 7 3/4 stone. Since that time I have had a large excess of fat around my stomach (the rest of my body is fairly ‘fat free’). I have also noticed that there is still a gap in the middle of my stomach between the two sides of stomach muscles, which I can easily place my fingers in between! I was wondering if this is normal or if it could have a detrimental effect if I did stomach toning exercices to try and reduce the fat?

Answer #1

Normal, as long as you keep exercising the gap will get smaller between your stomach muscles.

There wouldn’t be any downside to doing toning exercises for that area, either, as if you do, you’ll be able to over time slim down to the size you were before pregnancy.

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