Why do i get stomach and chest pain after i eat?

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I honestly don't know but has this been happening for a long time? You might want to go and see a doctor something serious could be wrong with you..

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It could be because you ate too fast, gas, ulcers, etc...We can't diagnose you, so it would be best to see a doctor.

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could be your gallbladder....look it up and see if your symptoms match.

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I am not a doctor and you should ABSOLUTELY seek medical attention in person over help on line. A gastroenterologist would be the one to see but your primary care physician would be the place to start. It could be something like hiatal hernia or simply acid reflux (more likely the latter). It could simply be a bad case of indigestion. Have you tried tums, prilosec, zegred etc? may help depending on what's going. again, most of us on here are not doctors ergo are not qualified to diagnose and treat health issues like this! But good luck! feeling yucky is no fun!

Stomach pain after eating

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heartburn maybe????? my advice: tlk 2 ur doctor ASAP

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