Why does my stomach burn?

Well since yesterday afternoon, i’ve been having some severe stomach pain. I ate but it didn’t help at all n early in the morning i started throwing everything up. I also drank peptobismol thinking that it would help but it didn’t help at all. I could hardly sleep because of the pain and it hurts when i walk. Today the pain was worse than yesterday and it hurts to touch my stomach. I don’t know what to do because i’m trying to avoid going to the hospital but if the pain worsens i think i might have to. HELP PLEASE)):

Answer #1

Any chance you are pregnant ? Ypu also could be comming down with a bug or something!

Answer #2

No not pregnant at all :p

Answer #3

Lol okay well you know it wouldnt be a baby , your probally just comming down with some kinda of flu or something :)

Answer #4

When you say your stomach burns, do you mean as in heart burn?! because if you do then I advise you to visit the hospital asap…that pain just might be worse then you may think like a bleeding ulcer! better safe then sorry my dear. I wouldnt play around with something like this…dont wait for it to get worse like god forbid an eruption…you really dont want that!

I wish you luck & hope you feel better. please keep us posted! :(

Answer #5

Ughh i hope its nothing serious :[

Answer #6

Well its a burning pain but also a stinging pain…kinda like when you haven’t eaten anything and you get those stomach pains . And you have a point, i’m prob going to the hospital tomorrow then if they don’t go away. Ugh wish me luck:[

Answer #7

you may be either one as the comment above or you just have acid bubbles building up in ur stomach i have the same.

Answer #8

Sounds like acid reflux. I have it pretty bad and i have the same problems

Answer #9

me either , get better soon ♥.

Answer #10

Go and see a doctor. With severe pain, only medical specialists can tell you what is wrong. People do die from gastroenteritis and burst stomach ulcers so making an appointment with a doctor is most important if the pain persist.

Answer #11

drinking milk helps!

Answer #12

I am so sorry to hear that, I hope everything works out! Feel better dear :( Good luck!

Answer #13

Ok guys so i went to the doctor on Tuesday and turns out my appendix was like acting up so i had to get it surgically removed. :p Thanks for all ur advice though, very much appreciated.

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