Still bleeding a week after being fingered

HELP! I had my first period last month and then nothing this month. I wasnt worried as my friend said it was normal. But then last week I got fingered for the first time. there was a little blood afterwards. But now six days later I am still bleeding!! I looked it up and its usually only 3-4 days but mine still is. and there is lots of blood. Why? I cant tell my mum she doesnt know I got fingered because I am only 13 but I dont know what to do about the bleeding.
please help me.

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you got your period there you go

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well look on line a little more but dont always believe what the internet tells u. so if you really need info you shuld talk to your mom.

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Dude you jsut started your period & your getting fingered?!? wtf
slow your role. forrreall close your legs and stop being that easy , youll regret it .
&& if your that young & think your "GROWN" enough to do that then you can take all the criticism. if you cant even tell your mom because you know its wrong , why are you doing it?!!?

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It is probably your period.

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lol I wish you would dive me 1??

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thank you :)
my first time was pretty damn good
not orgasmic but yeah good.
I wasnt sure of what to do though so I was probably bad with the hand job and the pulling but I will improoove :P

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well its your first time so its normall in a few days if it still does then you should c a docter bt yea thats normall don't worry lol bt anyways how was your first time?? =]

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I dunno when I got fingered the first time I never bled, maybe you should see your doctor...?

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Yeah thanks but why still after a week??

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its ok umm are you using tampons??

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