How do i get the sticky stuff off my pots, pans, and cookie sheets?

any suggestions?

Answer #1

I don’t wash dishes but I would say steel wool.

Answer #2

steel wool.

Answer #3

What sticky stuff are you talking about?

Answer #4

same here

Answer #5

it’s like..i dont know..grease or something? everytime i leaves a sticky stuff on and on the bottom of the pans it’s sorta sticky-ish..but brown looking..

Answer #6

i thought steel wool would scratch them up badly?…

Answer #7

Well, if they are nonstick pans(don’t remember the right word for them) DO NOT USE STEEL WOOL. It scratches off the little layer that keeps things from sticking. Soak them in hot water and soap . It should come off easily with a sponge after.

Answer #8

i’ve tried guess i’ll just have to buy new

Answer #9

Ahh, like stuck on food?…Let the pots and pans soak in hot water, and dish liquid that fights grease, for about 30minutes. Then, take a scrubbing pad and scrub the pots and pans while using dish liquid.

Also, try using non-stick pots and pans…or spraying non-stick spray on regular pots and pans before each use.

Answer #10

I would use a cooking spray, Don’t use butter as it burns, such as Pam. Also looking into baking papers and for some recipes flour can be coated on the outside. As far as pans I can only think of rice as being the worst which if its sticky just use more water when cooking and strain when finished, this works well for vegetables and stuff.

Answer #11

Sorry miss read. To get it off, use a degreaser or let it sit in warm soapy water for a few hours. Avoid Steel wool on coated pots, pans and such you don’t want to scratch those surfaces only use steel wool on stainless steel cookware.

Answer #12

Sprinkle baking soda on the pan and scrub it.. it’s very abrasive and won’t scratch the pan.

Answer #13

i know this sounds wierd but, at my old job we used easy off oven cleaner just spray it on and let it sit for a few and wash as normal

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