Can you prevent a non stick pan from getting ruined?

We love our non stick pans…but over the years, we’ve been through so many of them, it gets really frustrating after a while. They cook well, but I can’t seem to keep them from getting ruined. The coating starts to get scratched after a while, even if I use a non stick spatula. Is there a way to prevent them from getting ruined, or does this happen with all non stick cookware & pans? Thanks!

Answer #1

Every pan I’ve had eventually got ruined that was non stick. If you’re very careful, use non stick spatula’s, etc, then they’ll last longer, but not forever. The calphalon non stick pan we’ve had for about a year is holding up pretty wel, but our last generic one lasted years before getting ruined.

Hope this helps.

Answer #2

NEVER use a metal utensil on a non-stick coated pan. If it scratches the teflon, the pan is garbage and is not safe to use any longer. Teflon is a chemical and can get into your food. Use wooden utensils, or anything but metal. Also, never scrub with a scrub-sponge. Same concept. Good luck!

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