What are tips to stay on task?

Are there any tips or suggestions to staying on task? I always have a lot to do but I find I can’t stay on task so it makes it more stressful to get done! What should I do??

Answer #1

trying setting things aside

Answer #2

I have a program called StudyMinder Lite that I use for homework, it reminds you when things are due and stuff. Theres a free download here: http://www.studyminder.com/ I don’t know what distracts you, but if its something like the internet you could try disconnecting the wires/wireless until you finish whatever you need to do, or if it’s TV unplug it so you don’t have the urge to watch it.

Answer #3

not really in school, but at home with homework and such

Answer #4

well just set everythin else aside

Answer #5

like in school?

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