what is status pro quo?

can you please briefly describe this” cliche” kind of sayng? ive heard it many times but i have no true understanding.. how can i use this in a sentence?

Answer #1

Status quo relates to your current state of affairs, therefore, status pro quo would be an exchange of one thing for another to improve your circumstance.

Answer #2

I think you are combining two common Latin terms.

“status quo” means the way things presently are. e.g. Sam argued for change while Donna argued to keep the status quo.

“quid pro quo” means this for that. Usually means a favor in return for another favor. In politics it can imply impropriety like politicians favoring policies that will benefit their most generous donors to pay them back.

Answer #3

yeah thanks… makes more sense…. i had an idea that i was combining two.. but yeah i heard both before and it now have a more clear understanding

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