Where can I check my license status online?

where can I check the status of my license online for free?

Answer #1

I don’t believe you can check it online because of the privacy issue as far as your information. Check your DMV website and see if they provide info on it, and if not, then you will most likely have to go in person to find out this information. Or as the person mentioned above, it is possible that your insurance agent can advise you on this, it wouldn’t hurt to go in person because then you are more likely to get an answer.

Answer #2

I don’t think you can - it’s confidential.. If you have auto insurance and your agent is nice - they may do it for you.

Answer #3

If you do a dude in the butt he might fart on your pillow if he didn’t like it. So I agree with the others, you need to hump your lawyer so that he may do it for you otherwise just start shootin’ heroin

Answer #4

I want to check my lic status,,

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