static hair??

how can I stop my hair from having so much static?? I dont know what happened. it never happened before and now when I brush it and comb it;; it follows the brush or comb and sticks upp?!?!!? helpp.

Answer #1

To stop static electricity you have to understand it. Static electricity happens through the loss and gain of electrons. Certain items have a much stronger hold on electrons then others. For example, gold has an extremely strong hold on electrons so when rubbed against a rubber balloon ,the balloon will lose electrons becoming positively charged because it will have more protons then electrons. The now negatively charged gold (more electrons then protons) will attract the rubber balloon. The same thing will happen with your hair and the brush or comb. When the polyethylene (plastic) brush or comb is rubbed against your hair, it will become negatively charged and your hair will become positively charged. Your hair will now be attracted to anything with a negative charge. If you didn’t use fabric softener or bounce sheets you silk shirt may be negatively charged. To prevent this try any kind of hair cream, not oil, put a little in before you brush it and it should lessen the loss or gain of electrons. Hairspray will work as effectively.

Answer #2

Just spray it with water, or wet it after it dries. If you mean frizzy hair, then don’t use as much conditioner or buy certain products.

Answer #3

Use a dryer sheet to wipe your comb before you comb your hair…also, spray Static Guard on your comb or brush first…I’ve been doing that for years, and it works.


Answer #4

if you straighten your hair,it might be the straightener. if you dont straighten it…maybe try a different shampoo and after it dries but some conditioner on it…that worked for me

Answer #5

It might be th straightener or blow drier. Don’t blow dry!

Answer #6

when your done brushing just run your hands over youtr hair/head that will get rid of the static

Answer #7

u can actualy buy anti static hairbrushs.der hard 2find tho I fink deman do 1 xx

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