How could i start making a pornsite even though I bought a domain and host?

I wanna start making money?

Answer #1

put some p.orn on it

Answer #2

you’re a pig.

Answer #3


Answer #4

no hes not.

Answer #5

when i started my p0rn site i used script and it was wicked. infact i still use it today.

cash from advertising

Answer #6

oh you are so right. He is definitely not a pig to be setting up a pornsite in which the women shown are seen as objects. The women used in the pornographic sites are seen only for their outer shell and they filter out the complications of her personality and depth of her intellect. She is merely just a thing, a vulnerable body with no thoughts or feelings. These women are used as merely a toy for the pleasure of men. This is not only degrading, but also dangerous. Men who go to these sites constantly only see women as sexual pleasures without personality or complexity. When these men go out with a girl they find at a bar, or at a store, or just anywhere in general, they see that woman the same as in the video. Thus, causing the man to act on his sexual desire without any thought as to whether the woman would be okay with it or not. This causes sexual assault and can even cause a woman to be raped. But oh, this doesn’t make him a pig at all right? jerk.

Answer #7

p0rn is 100% legal and the women and men that perform it do so because they chose to.

i surgest doing more research on subjects before replying to them. i mean you know nothing about the p0rn industry.

beam me up captain spock.

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