Can you bring back a camera even though you had it fixed twice.?

Alright I bought a camera and then a week later I broke it and got a new one and then 2 weeks after I broke it AGAIN doo you think I can bring it back and get a new one loll cus I have a 2 year warrintyy

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Well ye I would say so... depends how it broke though if they changed it the first time they should change it again... If you paid extra for the warranty it usually covers everything except water damage so just bring it back and see what they say... and if I was you I wouldn't accept the same brand again get a different one...

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I doubt it sorry =/

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The warranty covers manufacturer's defects...if you broke it, it's your problem and they won't take it back.

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Well I would try. But maybe ask if you can get your money back and not a new camera. And then go look else where for a camera or just geta different brand of camera.

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