Star symbols on keyboard?

How to make the star symbols for a social site like you make the ♥ ???

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hmm...I know this isnt very helpful
but when you find out tell me about it pleez!!

ps..I think you can find out on im not sure..
on 'myspace tweaks' or around there..
I just havent had the time to check..

lemme know when you do!

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Programs/accessories/charachter map

what is a online keyboard?
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✬ ← you mean this one?

Heart on keyboard

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Can any of you guys tell me with details how to make symbols on the key board???

Star symbol
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Keyboard symbols

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copy an paste this it works with me (*)
or just hold shift and press nine and eight then 0
(or easy way hold down shift then 9 then 8 then 0)

How to make cool symbols on keyboard through control panel?
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to make a heart press alt and 5 five times ♥ or alt3

Black star symbol

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press ALT and then look for the one you want by pressing a number

Keyboard symbols how do you make a love heart?
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☆ Copy and Paste it.

How do I make all symbols
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This is a late response but visit...


The site shows the ALT + #'s to press w/ the symbal you are looking for...lots & lotsa symbols so hope it helps (if you still need it)

How can I make different symbols in the keyboard?
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Copy & Paste this; *

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press alt and any number on the number pad on the right side of the keyboard. the heart is Alt 3 (one time) ♂ and that is alt and 1 (pressed two times) hope you catch on.

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You can actually make it yourself.

Go to help and support.

Type in "private character editor".

Click on where it says "Click to open Private Character Editor".

This grid-like thing should appear.

Then just draw it like you would on paint.

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♂ Φ A → ♪ ↨ ♫ ♀ ♥ ▬ ¼ D £ ╘# ╚ £ Θ ░ ╜ Θ ╚ £ Θ § Θ ♦ Θ ♦ ∟ £ ° Θ ☺ ♣ ♠ ☻ • ◘ ○ ▲ ¶ ◙ ◘ ñ ♀ ╣ ♂ Ü τ ○ ╝ █ ß ↑ █ ╤ ↓

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you type shift 7, shift 3 and the number 9733 NO SPACES &#9733
for the outline shift 7, shift 3,9734 &#9734 again NO SPACES. hope this helps

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