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My computer keyboard has transposed the " and '@ symbols,altering them in control pane l has not changed them

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you can easily press:

ALT, on your keyboard, next to the space, then on your keypad, press a number, or two numbers.

Example, if you press ALT 3, it comes up as a heart.[[♥]]
Or you could always type " ♥ "!

Hope this helps you

How can I make different symbols in the keyboard?

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u need to go to control panel
regional and language options click
then "keyboards tab"
then change your language from
"english us" to "english uk" shud alter the @ and " sign back to how it was
if in the drop down menu "uk" is not there you need to add it and set to default
hope that helps

Keyboard symbols
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if your talkin 'bout symbols like hearts then just go on start then on microsoft words at the top click insert then click symbols and pick the 1 you want

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