Where do you stand on Russia's whole anti- gay propaganda?

Answer #1

I have no idea what is going on but all i know is that im for gay people .

Answer #2

I had no idea that was going on over there. I’d thought they would be a little accepting of it. Hmm, I’m for people having the right to date, kiss, do whatever they want with their partner/lover. Just like any straight couple. If someone is gay that doesn’t mean they’re any less of a person, they’re weak (like some people think), they’ll spread diseases, etc. They’re people just like you, deserve every freedom just like anyone.

Answer #3

Yeah, Its going viral because a (straight) man was thrown into jail because he held up a sign expressing that his lesbian friend deserved the same rights that he and his family had.

Answer #4

Well of course it’s another civil rights movements, except it’s not just in America, it’s global, and I know other countries aren’t going to be as excepting and may NEVER change, but everything is worth fighting for, at least trying. I hope Russia settles down on the “anti-gay” and accept their people regardless of who they decide to sleep with or love.

Answer #5

why must goverments get so involved in such personal bussiness. as long as the country is running good, people r safe, money is good, stay out of wat people do with their personal lives. let people love watever and whoever they want. their life. not urs. cuz in the end ur ruinin lives if u dont let them do wats truley in their hearts.

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