How can I determine where I stand politically?

I know I’m somewhere on the left, but I’m not sure what I am anymore than that. How can I decide without reading for a fajillion hours?

Answer #1

In the most BLACK AND WHITE terms, and with the understanding that life is lived in the gray area, and this depicts the majority, not the minority:

Pro-Lifers typically are Right Pro-Choicers are typically Left

Pro Border Controls- Right Anti- Border Controls- Left

Anti-tax typically is Right Pro-tax typically is Left

Small government is Right Larger government is Left

Pro-War (by pro- I mean recognizes it as necessary… not that they like it)- Right Anti- War- Left

Anti Slavery, Anti Segregation, Pro Women’s Suffrage- Right Pro Slavery, Pro Segregation, Anti Suffrage- Left

It is quite normal you’ll find that you agree with some things for your party, and disagree strongly for others. That’s good. You should be a free thinker. You don’t have to be confined to one side or another.

Answer #2

kdsmm, you are now officially the most ill-informed, ignorant person on FA. You can pick up your medal at the front desk.

Answer #3

Pro slavery is left? lol, well we know how unbiased your statements are. Bush refused to sign a women’s equal pay act. showing how pro-women the right is. Oh and yes, it was one of the first things Obama signed. I mean it’s one thing to have strong beliefs, but must you lie?

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