are staff breed vicious ??

heyy guys um we might be getting a new dog well a puppy 8 weeks my brother found him in a wheely bin near his flat and we might get this dog because they have 2 cats and a baby anyway its a staff and i was wondering are all staff vicious ???

Answer #1

No breed is vicious, owners are vicious.

Answer #2

It is down the past experience the animal has had, the owner and their parents because the genes of being vicious could go from their parents into theirs. It’s just personality really but if people breed for that certain personality then yes then the breed will be more vicious than others.

Answer #3

No, if you raise them well and give them lots of love and attention they are beautiful and lovely dogs. My friend had a staffy and it was the cutest thing on this earth, I also know my aunt used to breed with them and she said that they are intelligent and hers were never violent. It all depends on how you raise them. If you are going to be a bad owner then you’ll have a bad dog.

Answer #4

In general, no staffs are not vicious breeds but rather loyal. Years ago, they were nicknamed the ‘nanny dog’ because they would be left with the kids at home while the parents went out to work. However, they do have quite a bad reputation but you do have to remember that this is largely based upon the fact that people have used them for dog fighting. Provided that they have a good owner who will train them and take the effort and time to do this, they will be a fantastic dog. Alot of people will answer you and say that there is not a bad dog but a bad owner- this is true, but only to a certain extent. Some dogs have been bred with the genetic make up to have a more vicious or aggressive personality and therefore sometimes whatever a human does, they cannot control this. However, i do believe that with the right training and care, the staff is one of the most loyal breeds you will find and their aggressive tendencies are only caused by human influence. Personally, i look at it like this- whether it be a staff, collie or the cutest little bundle of fur you have ever seen, that dog has the power to turn on you and bite- end of. We’ve got to stop looking at the smaller picture and look at the bigger one…all dogs can become aggressive for certain reasons; it is our job to limit these reasons and to control them… and they all need the same boundries too. I mean, people let little cute dogs on the sofa don’t they ( i admit, i’m guilty), but they’d be less inclined to invite a great dane to sit beside them. Makes you think eh?

Answer #5

No! Never judge a dog by its breed. Pitbulls are the sweetest things. Rottweilers are so cuddly. And some labs are VERY stupid. Trust me i can find a reason to shoot down every bad and good rep for every single dog breed out there :)

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