Spritual Warfare

What does the term spiritual warfare, mean to you? Do you understand it? Do you know how to experience it, and come out victorious? Do you realize that it exists? What scriptures can you share, to help other understand this? What are the weapons that God has given us, for this purpose?

Answer #1

I’ll give you my perspective on this, as I’ve seen faith from both sides now (apologies to Judy Collins)…

Back in my fundy Christian days, I used to think there really were good and evil forces fighting over my soul. I attributed the ecstatic feeling I got from prayer to the forces of good (aka God) winning, and I attributed doubt and temptation to the forces of evil (aka Satan).

But then, as I climbed out of the dark pit of faith (you would call it sliding toward apostasy), I began to realize that the spiritual war had never been anything more than my own internal ethical battles. I found I could reproduce that exact same feeling of ecstasy at will even without prayer or meditation - something I probably never would have learned on my own - and I realized that it’s actually ok to give in to temptation, as long as I’m ok with the consequences.

Answer #2

spiritual warfare as a christian is something im always aware of and when im fealing my worst or if I get beat up or anything for what I no is true that jesus is God thats when im the strongest read james 1:2-4 or 2chorinthians 6:3-13 and paul will give you a perfect example of what a person fighting the spiritual warfare is

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