Did not get periods, one week past the period cycle date


My periods are due 23rd Aug and the cycle did not still start. I had a medical abortion in Feb. Till Apr(after the abortion) I had continuous spotting and then my cycle regulated and has been normal since. But last month I bled for only 3 days, which is unsual for me because normally I bleed for 5-7 days.I also notice a transparent discharge. My cycle is generally 30-35 days. I took a home preg test on 27th and also 31st. Both came out negative.

Answer #1

Hi lilmxcnchica209. thanx for the quick response. :)

Answer #2

your missed period can happen due to different things happening to your body. its nothing bad. its normal. mine is wierd 2. I used to have it the 15th and then 30ths now 25ths. its wierd. but its normal im assuming. are you thinking you might be pregnant or something? I thought I was pregnant because I once had a missed period for like a month. they say it can be caused from stress as well. because you think about it so much like you want it to happen, and it stresses you out. or like change in physical activity or weight. it all depends. dont assume its pregnancy, there are other reasons, but pregnancy is one of them.

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