What sport would you like to be in (are in)?

including cheerleading

Answer #1

Lacross, field hockey, and soccor are the things im into

Answer #2

football… yeah im a typical English boy.

Answer #3

I’d like to be in basketball agian, hockey and maybe try volleyball. I play volley ball as a hobby on fridays.

Answer #4

I was a figure skater.

Answer #5

I play soccer & run cross country.

Answer #6

Oh yeah totally frogot. I m also an avid roller skater and used to be in competitoins. They were fun till the teachers got all serus and not fun.

Answer #7

cheerleading and softball

Answer #8

im not in any clubs (at the moment) but on my spare time, i always go horseback riding (if that is considered a sport) and i play football ( yes im a girl lol but i love it!), basketball, soccer, and volleyball

Answer #9

Track, it looks like so much work but at the same time like so much fun.

Answer #10

I’m into rockclimbing, bouldering, caving and squash. Those are really fun.

Answer #11

football(nfl), basketball or baseball i cant stand ny other sports

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