Does the sperm in the condom dry up

After you use a condom. Does the sperm in the condom dry up or does it stay a liquid forever?

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Don't reuse a condom. dries up silly

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it doesnt imediantly dry up
if its ectreemly hot or you spill it then it willd ry up within around half an hour or longer
never reuse a condom though if this is what you want to do
after use they are much weaker and less effectrive
sperm can survive in the air for up to an hour so you can still get pregnant
and if any of you had an sti orr std, your going to get it

Can u get pregnant from someone pouring the sperm out of a condom into their vagina?

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I never said I was going to reuse a condom..duh..I know that I was asking does the sperm dry up.? I dont understand where that other idea came from

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