How much do you have to spend on medicines every month?

I have three prescriptions that are $5 dollars each and one is $76. That is with health insurance. Without health insurance the $76 dollar one would cost me $246 every month and the other ones aroun $30 each.

Answer #1

if i was over 16 i would have to pay £21.30 well more than that because its gone up,but im lucky becuase im under 16 the NHS pays it for me but for my mom she pays £35.50 a month for the 4 boxes of tables she needs. the prescription fee is £7.10 i think its too expensive for those that need multiple things like my mom.

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I am very lucky with my health, and fortunately have not had to spens anything on medicines of any form for a very long time unless you count small items bought to restock my first aid kits. . I like to think that I have done almost everything possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and that it has paid off in the long run.
. Alcohol consumption is the only area that I have from time to time exceeded the recommended healthy limits, but to the best of my knowledge it has done me no harm so far. . Come to think of it my Malt Whisky is a sort of medicine, and it is widely believed that if you could only find exactly the right amount to drink you would live a healthy life for ever. [ Whisky from Scottish Gaelic “usque beatha “ meaning “water of life” ] Perhaps I had better not say how much I spend on this medicine. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #4

Fortunately the only Medical condition I have is Pernicious anemia, so I have to take B12 daily. I use to pay about $10 a month for the liquid B12/needle, but recently got changed to pills, so now it only about $5 a month. : )

Answer #5

For myself alone, I spend 5-10 dollars for suplement, like vit C. For my whole family, I pay 50 dollars for health insurance.

Answer #6

Zero regularly. About 5 to 20 € if I or my husband have the flu or any other seasonal sickness. But It can happen that I don’t buy meds for an entire year if we aren’t sick.

We have public health insurance in my country - means everyone is insured and we pay depending on our income. Which is currently 240€ per month for my complete family (2 adults 2 kids). Children get prescribed medication for free.

Answer #7

Luckily I don’t have to regularly purchase any prescription medications. The only money, I spend in this department is for my vitamins and naturopathic remedies, which probably cost me only about $20 (CDN) per month.

Answer #8

yeah, thank god for health ins.!! I have this really expensive stuff for my back. It would cost $1587.00 without insurance!! That REALLY makes me upset when the elderly get raked over the coals on stuff like that!! Those poor people have to live on such a limited income in the first place.

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