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How can I get stuff online without a credit card

Answer #1

if the sites your purchasing things from offers payment via MONEY ORDER then you dont really need a credit card… money order for us in Oz, is similar to cash.. you pop into the post office, ask for the amount you need to pay, they write down the name of the company who will be cashing this money order in and your details are added on the back of the money order.

you post the certified money order to the address provided by the onlline company, once they receive it, your goods should be given to you.

the good thing about money order is, the post office keeps track of the transaction, ie: the date the money order was cashed in by the company, so if you don’t receive your goods, you got a “leg to stand on” :)

Answer #2

That’s the only way if it’s a big-time website. Sorry.

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