What should I do for my speaking and listening Against the Iraq War?

Answer #1

Ya, the iraq war is over now. They are holding free elections and the average Iraqi citizen is doing better today. Americans are not the only ones in the world who deserve freedom. Sometimes we have to help out people who are oppressed.

Answer #2

Yes. We should help people. When they ask for it. When they want you to stay the hell away from your country you probably should do that.

Answer #3

My unit that just got back from Iraq experienced something totally different. So I will trust that. They said that the average iraqi family is grateful for what we have done over there. Some of the guys in my unit have been going over there since 04 and they say it is night and day. They keep long standing ties with the iraqi people. Ya, its not quite the picture painted by the press TY. The press report on chaos because that is what sells. Not much press coverage of Iraq lately. Not enough blood shed I guess. they still have troubles , but then again, dont all newly formed Governments have problems?

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