What sort of cheap gifts can I take to the office?

We have a secret santa type game going on at the office. We’re supposed to bring in small things (like stuff worth a dollar or two) for a few weeks for our person. At the end we then have like a proper gift exchange. What sort of things can I get for cheap, since this will be on going for a few weeks.

Answer #1

Chess board, they seem to work well.

Answer #2

Go to the dollar tree, if u don’t have one try the dollar general I’m sure u can get some good things thr

Answer #3

I was hoping for specific ideas? Apart from chocolate?

Answer #4

chocolate, a christmas ornament, a bunch of different colored pens, their favorite drink, a cheap coffee mug, etc. hallmark or the dollar store probably has a bunch of things there.

or just get some candy, everyone likes candy

Answer #5

For women - Fancy Soaps, Specialty Teas and Visa cards with appropriate amounts. For Men - Re-gift!

Answer #6

Ummm well they have cologne for men and women thr, differant kinds of odds and ends, hair ties, razors, shampoo, key chains, coffee cups, and I can’t think of anything else sorry

Answer #7

lol, re-gift?

Answer #8

Christmas mug, hot cocoa mix, flavored candy canes, body lotion or spray, keychain, cookies, lipgloss or chapstick, cute lighters, christmas treats (the cute suckers and tubes of candies they sell), candles, incense and incense holder, picture frame, bubble bath, bath salts, hair accesories, necklace or bracelet, stickers, thing of mints for their purse or pocket, beer coozie (if they drink), wine glass….thats all i got lol.

Answer #9

I often give home baking for secret santa. Its pretty cheap and you get to keep some of it for yourself! I usually make russian fudge, chocolate chip cookies and white chocolate caramel oatcake.

Answer #10

I think the perfect thing would be a mug filled with different kinds of small candies, and chocolate, wrapped in some sort of clear or transparent gift paper, with a ribbon around it. Everyone likes them (male and female), and they are cute! (see photo).

Some other ideas: -Gloves -Hat or toboggan -Scarf -Cute fuzzy socks -Toe socks -Necklace -Key-chain -Body spray

  • Soaps -Lotion -Free meal coupons -Candy canes -Peppermints
Answer #11

Small pot plants are always great office gifts. As long as the plant isn’t too big and the plant is easy to look after, your work colleagues will love it. Also, fish in a fish bowl is another great office gift, unusual but when you give or receive one, the gift becomes the talk of the office (department) and almost everyone that passes the person’s workstation will stop to admire and comment on the fish.

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