How long will it take to get my first passport in the mail after the passport interview?

my boyfriend was currently here visiting me, and my parents have finally agreed to sign the passport papers. i plan on calling the local post office tomorrow to see when the next available opening is to do the interview. i miss my boyfriend so much and i want to get to England ASAP. as soon as i get my passport he's booking my plane ticket. how long do you think it will take to get it in the mail? my boyfriend said that his only took about a week after the interview.

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Mine only took a week - a week and a half :) have a good trip :)

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From what my mum told me 4-6 weeks. long?
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were you a first time applicant?

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yess, i was

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oh my gosh thank you so much, this has totally lightened my mood. i want to get to england as soon as possible i miss him so much!

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