Can you tell me the pros and cons of the sony ericson xperia x10 MINI?

Answer #1

I don’t have the phone myself but after doing some research I’ve gathered some general opinions.


  • small, easy to fit in a any pockets and can be held in one hand
  • full of things to do from the apps from the android market
  • looks good and very smart -The touch works very well -easy to use


  • Can be too small, perhaps too easy to slip out of hand
  • The text can sometimes be too small especiall on internet pages
  • There is not camera zoom
  • No usual photo editing facilities
  • The battery life is not very good due to the apps running in the background however there are ways of saving the battery life such as turning wifi off when you’re not using it. -There seems to be a problem with the bluetooth however you can by a bluetooth app from the android market
Answer #2

thankyou,i do have on and am just wondering about the keypad - i like a qwerty one instead of the normal number multitouch keypad, i know i can get an app called handcent off of the android market but i think it costs me to get on to it via the internet as i am on a pay as you go payment any ways of getting it on to my pc and then transferring it onto my phone by USB ????? would be much appreciated xxx

Answer #3

I’m sorry I have an iPhone myself so I’m not very reliable with this question. However, I have done some research and to me it seems that you can’t buy them on a pc. I may be wrong though. I’m sure it’s free to connect to wifi though. Find somewhere where you can connect to wifi and then you can hopefully download it then.

Answer #4

i can do it from home but then i check my credit and it has gone down rapidaly. never mind though - i’m sure that i can live without it thankyou very much for your help! :)

Answer #5

Ahh ok that’s strange :S Well, good luck!

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