How can i stop my robot computer from shooting my house down with its laser gun?

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if that really did you post this question?

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I have a idea take your ''robot'' computer and throw it ina pool lol

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damn thats what I was going to say to do !!!

when was the first computer in the White House?
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it is over, I hacked into the robot and turned it back into the computer I had before.

In what European city houses were first numbered?

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what! you think I made it up?

House arrest
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Well then... fabricate one... like your story.

How do I make a toy gun?

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I dont have a pool

Wifi In my house
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What does it mean when the electronics in my house give off a fishy smell?

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muhahaha I hacked into your computer and made it a robot! and ill do it again! muhahaha?? o.o

Why did the MSN robots stop working?
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I have two computers duh

Are laser-burned DVDs genuine and original?
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are you fo real niggah? just kidding/. but if you have two computers and are using the other one, dontcah think you'd be scraming in terro, and dontcah ya think ya should have already booked it??!!

What are some other fun gadgets like the laser gun alarm clock?

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