Does sensitivity make a man gay?

If a man is too sensitive, does that make him gay???

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no it does not, I think that if a guy shows sensitivity it helps relate you when you have a girl friend, but just because you are sensitive, that does not mean that you are gay at all, in fact a lot of girls I know, kinda like when guys are more sensitive, than when they are trying to be all macho and impressive, sometimes sensitivity will be your ticket into a girls heart

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not at all.

Being gay describes a persons sexual orientation, not a personality trait.


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nope. I know a guy like that. I told him he was an idiot jokingly and he was like 'omg!! dany how could yousay that to me?! we've been friends for so long, that's not even funny. don't ever joke like that. your so mean!" and then left... awkward*
but no, that doesn't make them gay.

i think im gay
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Not always. There are very rough and cruel, or even sadistic gays too.

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psshh no, sikashimmer pretty much answered the question

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no it would be nice to find a nice sensitive guy lol why would you think that ???

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nope not at all , I know lots of sensitive guys and there far from gay!

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no way.
besides girls tend to like sensitive guys.

I think hes gay

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