How do i make a move on my gay friend?

First of all, I am a curious guy who has had plenty of experience with girls. I have always been attracted to girls and I never thought about me being with a guy until now.

There is this guy in our neighborhood who has a really nice body, great personality, and has come out of the closet as gay to some people. Recently, I have been having dreams everynight about having s*x with him and have been kind of enjoying it.

We have had close encounters before like when I go his house he gives be a massage and I give him one in return, both our shirts off. I have also caught myself eyeing him as he washes his car, again shirtless, and have flirted a little with him. I dont know if I should or even how to pursue this relationship. HELP!!

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u will aways say what if untill u make a move u never do but make a move if u guys are firends it might make it easire cause u know him

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You should be straight forward with him. Gay people are freaks [not in a bad way] ;] he'll agree.

i think im gay

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