some people are smarter than others??

I know this is a dumb question but I really want to know why are some people smarter than others hahaa

Answer #1

everyone isnt the same some people learn faster than others it could be many things

Answer #2

because some just born to be smarter than others…its watever tho.

Answer #3

Same reason why some people are more beautiful than others. Luck.

Answer #4

it depends

Answer #5

I think that some people just try a lot harder than other. like when people get good grades in school and all, I dont really think its because their smart…I think it has to do with how committed someone is to learning…and “smart” people are more committed than others.

Answer #6

There’s several ways to be smart.

You could be an autistic savant, like Rain Man or…

I qualified easily for Mensa. School (except 3rd grade) was not a challenge for me. I could get an ‘A’ in any class offered without putting much effort into it. My sister maintained an ‘A’ average through school although she had to apply much more effort.

(3rd grade was taught by a Miss McKitrick who graduated HS when she was 12 and made it her mission that no child passing through her class would ever be able to say that they were never challenged in school.)

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